Nosara Nannies

"Cinthya became a member of our family as she worked with us for our month-long stay in Nosara. With 3 children who were 5 and under, she was calm, engaging and loving with all three. She began each day by feeding and bathing our 6-month old baby girl, often with the other two kids “helping.” From there she spent her time with us playing with the children, teaching them spanish, swimming with them in the pool, helping them settle for their naps, preparing them healthy snacks & meals and generally bringing a soothing, fun and loving energy to our home. We can’t say enough about how much we love Cinthya and we always look forward to seeing her every year that we come down. " -Lindsay Hergott Sukornyk, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Nosara Nannies was great with our 2.5 year old daughter and 10 month old son. Being young and only 20 months apart, they are particularly challenging to keep up with. Nosara Nannies was able to keep them both happy, nourished and entertained. It was great to come home and find that our daughter had reviewed the alphabet or counting or that she had drawn a picture of a bird she had just spotted in the backyard Nosara Nannies not only looks after your kids but engages with them and teaches them. "
-Liz and Steve
" In our rush to pack for our return home I left our daughter's baby blanket on the bed of our rental house. We were at the airport by the time I realized my mistake and It was too late to turn around and get it. I was devastated because she used it every time she slept. It was definitely her security blanket. I contacted Nosara Nannies hoping they would try to track it down. Well, they did just that! After a few days, they were able to find the blanket and shipped it back to us!  We were all so relieved that the blanket was finally coming home from vacation! Nosara Nannies went out of their way and took the time to get it back to us. When it arrived in the mail I opened the package and our daughter did a little dance she was so happy to see  it!"
"Nosara Nannies absolutely made our trip to Nosara.  Our 3 year old son, Kaz, spent most afternoons with Nosara Nannies during our 2 week stay in Nosara.  My husband and I had some time every day to relax and enjoy some quality time together, while Kaz enjoyed playing on the beach, animal/bug safaris, adventure hikes, games and even some mini Spanish lessons.  Nosara Nannies was always fun and patient.  We always felt comfortable when Kaz was with Nosara Nannies and he always had a good time. Nosara Nannies professionalism helped us feel confident.  We pre-booked via email prior to our arrival.  The time tracking and billing was clear and detailed. We will absolutely always use Nosara Nannies when we stay in Nosara.  Particularly since now we have two!"
-Sonia and Jason

"I was not sure how a surf vacation in Nosara was going to play out with our one year-old daughter, Esme. It was our first trip out of the States and we were not sure how Esme would take to the heat and the sand. She is a New York Citybaby after all! I had heard about a new nanny service in Nosara and thought it sounded like a great idea, so I contacted Nosara Nannies once we arrived. As soon as we met, I knew I could entrust Esme with Nosara Nannies, My husband and I could surf together while Esme was having fun.  Esme went on adventures. They took walks on the beach. They smelled flowers and watched iguanas. They went swimming. The Nosara Nannies made all the difference in our vacation! My husband and I  took some time for ourselves on our vacation and had the peace of mind that Esme was in good hands. I would say to anyone traveling to Nosara with children to contact Nosara Nannies and let your kids have some fun without you! Thank you Nosara Nannies! We will see you next year!"
-Darcie, Jim & Esme